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What We Do

International Building Supplies represent unrivalled access to the largest selection of new building materials, products, and solutions for New Zealand. A stable supply of building materials, supported by established global logistics channels at the best price, and quality available.

Our exclusive partnership with AUPUP, the procurement arm of Vanke Group, China’s number one developer and Global Fortune 500 company, allows us direct access to an extensive network of over 8000 manufacturers of building materials.

This exclusive partnership enables us to extend unparalleled buying power, quality, and range to the New Zealand construction industry on a significant scale.

Through our partnership with Aupup, we collaborate with leading Chinese companies within our supplier network, many of which are actively exploring opportunities in the New Zealand construction market across a wide range of products and services. Some of these companies already meet AS/NZ Standards through their operations in Australia, while others are in the process of assessing New Zealand certification for their products. Additionally, some products from our network do not require certification for market entry.

The scale, variety, quality, and technological advancement of building materials produced in China far surpass what is currently available in New Zealand. Many Chinese companies are at the forefront of producing low-carbon, energy-efficient, and sustainable products, aligning with our goal to introduce these innovations to our New Zealand partners.

Our procurement process is ideally suited for large-scale projects such as residential developments, commercial buildings, hotels, and schools, etc. where there are substantial quantities with minimal variation. While we are certainly capable of and willing to work on smaller-scale projects, the full benefit of our procurement power and supplier network is best realized with larger projects.

International Building Supplies, AUPUP, and our extensive supplier network. extend an open invitation to visit China for a firsthand introduction to our supplier network, production facilities, and product quality.

Our Proess

Information collection

At the heart of our procurement process, International Building Supplies prioritizes Information Collection on the required products or services, including detailed specifications, quantities, budget, delivery schedules and current market conditions, etc. Our customer-first approach involves a close partnership with customers to accurately understand their needs, whether for specific projects or ongoing supply.

Access supplier network

Following the collection of necessary information, International Building Supplies engages with its extensive network of over 8000 suppliers to align with the customers’ requirements. Utilizing this network, International Building Supplies ensures that suppliers are carefully matched to the product specifications, lead times, delivery schedules, minimum order quantities (MOQ), warranties, terms and conditions, etc. and then engages in negotiations to secure the best possible pricing.


After identifying suitable suppliers, the next action is to request quotations. This step involves obtaining complete details from the suppliers on pricing, lead times, delivery schedules, minimum order quantities (MOQ), warranties, terms and conditions, etc. for the procurement of the necessary goods or services before the quotation is presented to the customer.

Sample and order

Prior to finalizing a large-scale purchase, it is a standard practice to request samples to verify that the product meets the required quality and specifications. In certain cases, we can provide a more hands-on approach taking customers to visit the supplier’s manufacturing site. This allows customers to personally inspect the production process, the quality of the materials used, and the end product.
Such visits provide a deeper insight into the supplier’s operations and reinforce the buyer’s confidence in the supplier’s ability to meet their standards.
Once the customer is assured of the product’s quality and compliance with their specifications, they proceed to place an order.


In the final stage of our procurement process, International Building Supplies takes charge of coordinating the delivery of products from the supplier to the customers intended destination. We can manage every facet of logistics, from selecting the most efficient carriers to scheduling to guarantee cost-effective and punctual arrivals. Moreover, we monitor the shipment to tackle any challenges that may surface, ensuring the products arrive on time and in good condition, reflecting the effectiveness of the entire supply chain.